Study sheds light on the economics of film festivals

I have been researching film festivals and found a large study from 2013 of the experiences of 523 festival directors by Stephen Fellows. He has published results of his study here and here.

  • October is the most popular month for film festivals
  • 71% of film festivals screen short films and 52% screen feature films
  • Half of all film festivals run for less than 7 days
  • 14% of festivals regard their funding situation as “great” or better
  • Average submission fee is $27 for short films and $40 for feature films
  • 51% of festivals give discounts to students
  •  77% of festivals allow your film to be online publicly when submitting
  • There are around 3,000 film festivals currently active (i.e. ran in the past two years)
  • 9,706 film festivals have run at least once in the last 15 years (from 2013)

Some questions I am thinking about are:

  • What month would be an ideal time for a Geelong LGBT Film Festival?
  • Should it be linked to another LGBT event such as ‘Wear it Purple’ Day

Given that many film festivals don’t make it past their first year:

  • How small can you start and still call it a film festival?
  • What makes your festival a success and how do you measure that success?

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